La Majonnaise; A boule festival with music, festivities and spirit!

During the first weekend of August, we transform Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm to a festive French festival - with lots of boule, food, drinks, music and people getting together. And of course competitions and duels. Everyone is welcome to join, both happy amateurs and hardcore boule nerds.

Live music, DJs, great food and refreshing drinks will help you reload your batteries for a new round of boule duels between the matches. We hope to see you 4-6th of August. Bienvenue!

Join the reboulution!
Easy to register, 300 SEK per team. Join the game here:

Le programme du compétitions:

Friday 4/8:
17.00: Tanca Shooting Trial opens!
17.30: Double tournament (two-person team)
17.30: Single Masters (the world's and Sweden's champions’ show off) first prize: 10.000 SEK. (Centre Court)
FINAL: The double final will be held during the evening
20.00 - 01.00 After Boule

Saturday 5/8:
10.00: Triple Tournament (three-person team)
12.45: Tanca Shooting Trial opens!
14.30-16.30: Single Masters semi and final (Centre Court)
20.00 - 01.00 Eight-man tournament with prizes for best team, best spirit and best dressed + After Boule

Sunday 6/8:
10.00: Double tournament (two-person team)
10.00 - 13.00: Tanca Shooting Trial opens!
10.30 - 12.30: Triple semi final (Centre Court)
14.00 - 15.30: Tanca Shooting play-off. First prize: 20.000 SEK.
16.00: Triple final

Friday 4/8:

Saturday 5/8:

Sunday 6/8:

The first edition of La Majonnaise was played back in the middle of the ninties, arranged by the legendary boule club of BK Grönbrallan in a small indoor boulodrom called “Lokalen”. Much have changed since then, but the basic idea is still the same. Lots of boule, food, drinks, music and meeting new people. With competition and duels of course. The range of boule knowledge by a attendee in this festival is all from the amateur testing out a new sport with some friends to a world championship player.